I compose intimate representational oil paintings of people meaningful to me in their environments. In warmer months, developing vegetable and flower gardens steal my attention away from people. I respond intuitively to what I see. Compelling situations that tickle my aesthetic are a starting point. A shape, color, mood, or the way in which light slices across a form can ignite an idea. My paintings range in scale from a couple inches to several feet. They employ a range of mark-making and textures from brushes to palette knives and sandpaper. By layering, scraping, and blending paint, the surfaces become a record of my process.


I make formal choices that highlight psychological tension within the compositions. For example, I push the stuffy, anxiety inducing qualities of a densely patterned wallpaper which hangs over the heads of two unsuspecting people. I create moods in the spaces my friends and family occupy that are personal and can connect to others. Quiet, introspective moments reveal a vulnerable side of the human experience that is only unveiled when people are not performing or fulfilling societal roles. My work is personal and open in a way that resonates with the viewer. I am tapping into our humanity, encouraging empathy, self-reflection, and an appreciation for the subtle nuances of perception.